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Springing forward with new classes - and support!

Posted by Alice on


Do you love crochet? How about knitting? Say hello to your Raging Wool team!

Hi! I'm at Alice, the owner of the Raging Wool  At the Raging Wool, our staff members, Elke, Giovanna, and I, love knitting and crochet too. Each of us have over 50 years of knitting and crochet expertise. We started as young girls and developed our passion to create and share joy with others.  Does having more than 50 years of knitting and crochet experience, make us, well, "old"? Well, we certainly don't think so - it's keeps us young at heart, our minds sharp, and most importantly empathetic to anyone who picks up knitting needles, crochet hooks or uses a loom.

Yellow Cardigan

One way that we share our passion is to provide our customers with "open arms" support.  When you buy yarns from us, you receive free, personalized one-on-one assistance from us to help you finish your projects using our yarns.  No project is too big, no project is too small and no level of question is off limits for you to receive amazing help to overcome obstacles and complete your projects.  

Did you know that Elka is fluent in German and Giovanna is fluent in Spanish? Are you too?  How about a friend? Take a moment and speak with Elka and Giovanna in their native tongues and have a blast. I used to be an ESOL trained school teacher in Miami, and have some basic Spanglish skills as well - enough to assist you in choosing yarns and helping your projects! 

Koigu Magazine

Elke is an amazing fiber artist, with an amazing world class reputation.  Did you know that Elke loves designing for Koigu?  See some of Elke's beautiful designs in their latest books and on Elke's Ravelry page.

Elke, Giovanna and I teach a variety of knitting, crochet, weaving and spinning classes at the Raging Wool. We have plenty of affordable and convenient classes, featuring beginner and advanced classes for knitting, crochet, weaving and spinning! All classes can be scheduled for your convenience. 

We encourage you to create new projects with the world's best yarns on sale at our shop.  Take advantage of our expert help. Challenge yourself and we will help you succeed!

Give us a call, visit the shop, email us, or fill out the online form for any technique or class that interests you. Our classes, knit alongs, crochet alongs are perfect ways to enjoy working on your projects and enjoying fellowship with other enthusiasts at our crafting tables.

- Alice


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Q&A With Deborah Jarchow

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