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Our Big End of Summer Cascade Yarns Sale and did we mention a party too?

Posted by Alice Clary on


The Cascade Yarns Tasting on January 25, 2014

Visitors to the shop may remember the hugely fun Cascade Yarn Tasting Party that we held back in January, 2014. On that day, we had over 120 Fiber Arts fans in the shop - all at the same time! We had an incredible blast, and we gave away quite a few really nice Cascade Yarn Kits as door prizes.  We also served quite a few Mimosas, but we'll keep that amongst friends, especially those who read this entire blog and want to learn more! Over the months since then, many customers have come back to the shop to show off their projects.

Urban Lace Infinity Scarf by Tanis Gray for Cascade Yarns (Cascade Casablanca)

Since that wonderful day (and a few Mimosa-induced headaches the next day, from what our fiber elves told us), our shelves of Cascade have been dwindling down fast and it's now time to make more room for the next Cascade Yarn Tasting Party, which we expect to have again in the late Winter or early Spring 2015 timeframe.  

What can you make with Cascade's yarns? One of the items Alice made in the shop recently was the Urban Lace Infinity Scarf, a Free Pattern designed by Tanis Gray, for Cascade Yarn. The picture of the Urban Lace Infinity Scarf, on the left, was made using Cascade Casablanca which you can see and buy here.  Alice knitted and blocked her own Urban Lace Infinity Scarf, using Cascade Casablanca, in the two pictures below.

By the way, you can see a LOT more great (and free) Cascade Patterns that were selected by Jen. She shared a few of her favorites in her most recent newsletter. She made it easy for you by hand picking seven (7) really nice Cascade patterns and showing pictures and hyperlinks to them all.

Urban Lace Infinity Scarf (Knitted & Blocked by Alice Clary, designed for Cascade Yarns by Tanis Gray)

LYS customers (hmm, that sounds like password, huh?) know that the best way for us to 'make more room in the shop' is to give you, our loyal customers, a special clearance sale so that you can make great, easy, and affordable handmade gifts for the holidays and to be ready for 2015 to replenish your stash!

Our Cascade Sale Offers an instant 20% markdown from our regular shop prices (which we benchmark with Ravelry's MSRPs) on ALL Cascade Yarns. Additionally, you automatically earn an additional 5% on top of the markdown prices, as each purchase accrues to your individual shop loyalty account. The loyalty bonus automatically kicks in after every $200 of cumulative purchases over time.  The Cascade sale and loyalty bonus are available for both our local yarn shop customers who can visit the store, as well as our remote customers who browse and purchase Cascade's yarns via our online yarn store.

We wish you great joy and success with your Cascade projects! As you well know, we are always available to listen to your individual needs and we love to help you whenever you need assistance with your project.  Enjoy and benefit from our Cascade sale and, if you are 'in the neighborhood', we hope you can stop by for our 'End of Summer' Fiber Arts Party on Saturday, August 30th!  

ps: You can RSVP for the End of Summer Fiber Arts Party via the Ravelry Events Page!

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