Alchemy: Yarns of Transformation

Alchemy: Yarns of Transformation

alchemy-yarns-of-transformation-logo.jpgAlchemy Yarns of Transformation creates luxury hand-paint and dyed fiber for knitting, crocheting and weaving. Nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of Sonoma County, Alchemy’s Northern California studios and farm blend with the surrounding orchards and vineyards. Here in this natural setting their “work family” practices the art of creating exquisite hand paint yarns. Each skein is thoughtfully and artistically painted, then steamed over an open fire. They hang the yarns from bamboo rods suspended across their land thereby allowing each skein to be dried by the cooling breezes of the Pacific Ocean.

At Alchemy Yarns, they believe in social and global consciousness. They do not support mills or practices that condone human or animal suffering. Also, Alchemy does not use any chemicals in the many steps of creating their fiber. All natural mordants are used in applying color to the fiber. They allow the fibers to dry naturally, without heaters or other stress-inducing factors that can speed up the process of making yarn.

Alchemy creates partnerships with individuals and small companies who understand and honor the need for meaningful work, sustainable agriculture, and compassionate responsibility. Every aspect of creating their hand-painted fiber -- from the harvesting of raw materials, to the environment in which their fiber is custom-spun, to the skilled painting techniques that bestow the color for which they’re known worldwide -- is done with care and commitment. They love their fiber from start to finish, every single skein.

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