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Help the Boston Marathon Scarf Project

Posted by Alice Clary on


Make a Scarf for Boston Marathon Runners 

The Old South Church in Boston has a unique project that will allow fiber artists to contribute to a Year of Remembrance and Hope.

The Old South Church is located at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. Each year Marathoners from around the world assemble the day before the big race for the annual Blessing of the Athletes. This year, the Church is planning something very special!

Old South Church's vision is to wrap each runner in the love poured into stitches of handmade blue and yellow scarves. They promise to wrap runners in your love until all scarves are distributed.

"By choosing to create a simple blue and yellow scarf, you are taking part in a very public proclamation of love over hate and a very personal moment with the runner who accepts your gift."

Finish Line at the Boston MarathonSuggested Guidelines:

"Scarves should be interwoven with love and courage, measuring approximately 4" to 6" wide and 60" long, any unisex pattern, knit, crochet or woven." 


Blue and Yellow (Boston Athletic Association colors Pantone 109C and Pantone 294C as a guide). If you need help, just visit our shop, we've special ordered yarns in these colors as well and have lots of free scarf patterns to chose from!  We ordered, and have in stock, the perfectly correct colors from Plymouth Yarns.


The Raging Wool Yarn Shop will be shipping all of your scarfs (at no charge to you) to Old South Church on March 31st, so let's get our hooks hooking, needles clicking and looms weaving!

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