Posted by Amanda on 21st Jul 2016

Why Do You Knit?

I’ve been thinking a lot about knitting lately, likely because I have little time to do it and I miss it. I have some lovely Polwarth from Rhichard Devrieze just looking at me, waiting to become something amazing, and I haven’t even wound it into a center-pull ball yet.

TheYarns of Rhichard Devrieze Polwarth available at Raging Wool Shop

I think I love the process even more than the finished object (FO) – odd, right? Wouldn’t you think I’d knit FOR that beautiful shawl that I’d have after binding off that last stitch and not just for the physical knitting and purling? I enjoy the whole process – choosing yarn, finding the perfect pattern, winding the yarn, then learning the pattern and following it through.

I’ve heard some say knitting relaxes them. That’s not especially true for me. When I knit, I’m in the process of making something and my mind doesn’t shut off. I’ll obsessively count stitches in a pattern repeat, or triple check that I’m on an even or odd row. It’s in the making, and figuring, and counting, and fiddling – waiting for that “Eureka!” moment when you finally “get” where the pattern is leading you that keeps me coming back to those little wooden sticks. I’m even worse about counting with crochet, so I stick to knitting primarily. Crochet has always seemed more able to become a freeform project to me -- and that’s than this Type A knitter can handle sometimes.

I knit because I love to create, I love its portability, I love the colors of yarn at my favorite LYS that sit there like candy calling to me. I knit not for the end result, but to physically handle the yarn and work stitch-by-stitch along a row.

We live in a crazy world – a world that needs a lot more love. Knitting (and crochet, too), really is an act of love, because you HAVE to love yarn and fiber arts to go to all the trouble and dedication.

Raging Wool Ravelers

I’m currently working on this T-shirt (details are in our Ravelry Group where a few of us are knitting the same pattern, in a casual, no deadlines KAL), but have my eye on the Polwarth to become winter knits for family up north. Both are back burner projects right now, as my almost-three-year-old zaps, if not all my time, all my brain cells.

So when I can, I knit when it’s quiet. So I can enjoy a few rows and concentrate on the pattern.

Why do you knit, crochet, or weave? Do you have as much time for it as you like? Share your story in the comments below – we’d love to read them!