World Wide Knit in Public Day

Posted by Alice Clary on 22nd May 2016

World Wide Knit in Public Day

World Wide Knit In Public Day 2016

Once a year, knitters, around the world, will stealthily coordinate with other knitters to boldly and un-shamelessly "Knit In Public" - on the same day. This year, the World Wide Knit In Public Day is on Saturday, June 18, 2016.

But why do we want to knit in public, you ask?

World Wide Knit In Public Day

The answer: We want knitters, who often knit at home, or in yarn shops, such as the Raging Wool, to get outdoors and show off their skills and projects.  We want millions and millions of muggles (those that do not yet possess the magical gift of knitting), to see us in public - and to be curious and un-afraid enough to ask questions of you - the public knitter.  Muggles are completely astounded to see the magic of knitting - done IRL (In Real Life)

Your job, on the annual World Wide Knit in Public Day, is to help muggles by:

1) Answering questions about knitting and yarn,
2) De-mystifying why you enjoy this most ancient and magical art, and
3) Encouraging them to take a knitting class.

Knitting in Public - Places to go in South Florida

You will eventually inspire them to want learn to use specially-designed magical wands, disguised as mere 'knitting needles', to fabricate stunning works of (well, usually) wearable garments and art - on their own!  This is important, as many muggles are of the stubborn belief that only machines (usually located in China) can make garments and that these garments can only be purchased at clothing stores.

If you are in South Florida, World Wide Knit in Public Day is even more of a challenge! Not only do you need to de-mystify what knitting is all about, you will have to JUSTIFY, to very skeptical muggles, why one would even bother to knit in the summertime! Only the most experienced tropical knitters will be able to explain how certain yarn fibers have amazingly magical properties that will make a knitted good perfectly cool for our hot and humid summer months!

At the Raging Wool, we encourage you to visit us and stock up on magic wands, magic fibers and, of course, classes and always free expert assistance and yarn winding from our professors and denizens. 

On Knit In in Public Day, please take your project bags out of the house, and find a place to sit, grab an iced tea or coffee, and show off your yarn. Also, please post pictures of you knitting in public and tag us on Facebook, Twitter (@RagingWoolShop) or Instagram! We hope all the Raging Wool fans  and customers in Florida, in the U.S., and around the world will show off their skills and tag us that day!

Go forth and knit in public! Share your World Wide Knit in Public Day achievements with us and all your muggle friends too! World Wide Knit in Public Day was started in 2005 by Danielle Landes, learn more about the 'movement' on her international WWKIPDAY website.