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You Came, You Saw, We Partied

Posted by Amanda on


Raging Wool Shop party Pembroke Pines Florida

Raging Wool Relocation Celebration Pembroke Pines Florida

Now that was a party.

We've had a few days to recover from all the fun, but we wanted to share with you some photos from our Relocation Celebration on Saturday. You guys outdid yourselves, dear Raging Wool customers -- the shop was hopping busy practically the entire party. We loved seeing old friends and making new ones - and especially loved seeing folks chat with each other and talk about their love of fiber and yarn. (Stay tuned, readers. We have a little surprise for you at the end of this blog.)

Our great big table in the back is the perfect spot to sit and catch up with friends (photos at left), and this was the place to be during our party. Thank you to Hillary, Aileen and Jenny for sharing your craft time with us, including Aileen's awesome drop spindle!

Raging Wool Shop Relocation Celebration

Our Susie was amazing on Saturday helping everyone. You'll see her in a lot of these photos, including with Ibis in photo #4.

In photo 5 from left to right, Barbara, Sally, Susan, and Susie spent a long time swapping out skeins and making piles of colorways to help each other put together the perfect combination for their next project, a fringe shawl (based off the one Susie is wearing). We love that our customers help each other. Of course everyone had their own opinion of what went together the best, but everyone was happy in the end! Oh, and thanks to Deb for the photobomb in the background. We guess someone needed to mind the register!

Raging Wool Shop Pembroke Pines Florida

Joy (below) came in with her stick weaving projects (a great use for novelty yarn) and lots of folks stopped to ask her about it.

Raging Wool Shop Pembroke Pines Florida

Want to know what the surprise is? The sale is still on:  Alice has decided to continue that awesome sale from Saturday!  Books and magazines in-store are all 30% off and this selection of yarn is also on sale (and now it's on sale online, too). It includes names like Fiesta, Berroco, Cascade, and Tahki Stacy Charles. Click this link to shop.

Here's another photo of Aileen's drop spindle in action, just because it's so cool. :-)

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