Colinton Australia

Colinton Australia

Previously known as Colinton Angoras, Colinton Australia is a supplier of fine quality, Australian PURE MOHAIR Unbrushed 2-ply hand knitting and crochet yarns. The fiber processing and product distribution is USA based.

They "re-branded" in early 2013 which is changed the "look" of their yarn company but hasn't changed the quality of Colinton Australia yarns or the high standards of support they offer.

Colinton Australia is headquartered in Melbourne, Victoria Australia. The owner is American by birth having lived in Australia since 1993.

Colinton Australia began as an Angora Goat Farming Operation in Colinton, Queensland Australia.  The first main group of goats arrived early 2004, and as the generations grew, they've explored various aspects to the industry.

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