Feza Yarns

Feza Yarns

Feza Yarns dates back to 1950's when their current president Emre Koc's grandfather started the company. It quickly became and remained as the most recognized yarn brand in Turkey.  Finally American knitters were introduced to FEZA YARNS in 2004 and have been enjoying the quality and distinctive yarns they offer ever since. Their passion is combining luxury, soft fibers, amazing colors and offering yarn lovers something they have never seen before.


The Alp collection has turned into a worldwide phenomenon since 2005 which includes an option for anyone’s differing taste. These are truly hand tied works of art that you will be addicted to knitting. We have sorted them out below with a brief description.

- FOR GLITZ LOVERS: Alp Premier and Dazzle are the flagships of our collection. Alp Premier consists of beautifully combined contrasting colors whereas Dazzle’s powerful solid colors offer a more conservative option.

- ALL NATURAL HERE: Alp Natural is the perfect recipe for those who prefer natural yarns but don’t want to be bored to death while knitting. The varying texture in these yarns help you knit projects that look so much more interesting than your friends knitting. Alp Natural consists of spring fibers like cotton and silk and Royale is mostly Wool, Cashmere and Silk.

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