Lyocell is a regenerated cellulose fiber made from dissolviing wooden pulp. It was developed and first manufactured for market development as Tencel in the 1980s...more

  • Fiesta Yarns

    Fiesta Yarns Ballerina

    Ballerina from Fiesta Yarns is a lace weight knitting and crochet yarn made from 50% alpaca and 50% tencel. Drapey and soft, this is a perfect pick for lightweight garments and shawls. Rich colors may rub off onto wooden needles, and we recommend a good...

  • Fiesta Yarns

    Fiesta Yarns Ballet

    Ballet is sport weight knitting and crochet yarn made especially for Fiesta Yarns. This fiber is great for socks, lace shawls, sweaters....almost anything. Very versatile, Ballet can be knit on size 2 needle for socks or size 7-8 for vests and sweaters...

  • MJ Yarns

    MJ Yarns Sophistisock

    Sophistisock is a fabulous fingering-weight blend of scrumptious merino, strong nylon, and sparkling tencel. Not only does this yarn have a fabulous hand, the tencel adds a level of sophistication to the color that is unmatched. Because the cellulose...

  • Prism Yarn

    Prism Yarn Tencel Tape

    Tencel Tape by Prism is an eco-friendly yarn that's 100% tencel, which comes from sustainable trees. This silky soft yarn has fabulous drape and has a higher more moisture-absorbing capacity than even cotton, making it a great warm-weather option. This...